Dear incredibly awesome and loyal fans:

We have had an incredible journey bringing our nutritious and delicious snacks to so many enthusiastic  fans. In a society where the food production industry is more about increasing profit margins and ‘health washing’ than about food,  you have made the conscious decision to consume products that are made with whole foods in an ethical manner. Unfortunately,  Two Girls Cooking has made the difficult decision to stop production indefinitely.   We are re-assessing our business at this time, searching for creative solutions to reduce our cost of operations and our product line will not be available until further notice. We thank you for your loyal support and understanding. We love you and hope to continue to bring you nourishing treats again soon!!

Yours in health,

Tammy and Annaliisa



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Raw. Organic. Gluten-free. Vegan. Sugar-free. Delicious.

Two Girls Cooking Products



Staying true to our roots, Two Girls Cooking kale chips are produced seasonally. We are always committed to only using the freshest local produce. As the kale harvesting season in Ontario is coming to an end, our kale chips will temporarily not be in production until next season. So grab a bag while you still can!!

Why Eat in Season?

· that is when food is the most nutritious and delicious!

· that is when food is the most affordable

· to reduce the energy (and associated CO2 emissions) needed to grow and transport the food

· to support the local economy and farmers